Alberto Mejia

Computer Science Enthusiast, Hobbyist, Student.

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About Me

As you should know by now, my name is Alberto Mejia. I am a Sophmore at the University of Connecticut pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science.

My hobbies span a few fields of engineering, but I am most interested in Computer Science. I enjoy teaching just as much as I enjoy learning.

I am seeking an internship for the summer of 2018. Till then, I will be expanding and polishing my skills. Please take a moment to go through my website and if you are interested in what you see, contact me.


#EarlyBird Program Participant at Twitter

I was one of 27 attendees selected out of 900+ applicants to attend a five-day interactive program for first-year computer science majors focused on professional and technical development including coding, networking, personal branding, resume writing,interview skills.

I worked with a team of 6 to create a new tweet feature, named Tweet Time, based on our developed design document. The project was later presented to many engineers, mentors, and participants; including Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, and Vice President of Engineering, Nandini Ramani.

Biomedical Equipment Technician Intern

09/2015 - 06/2016

I received hands on experience with biomedical equipment as well as typical test and analysis instruments used in testing, maintaining and troubleshooting such equipment. I went through vaious lectures and labs on Electronic, Electrical, and Biomedical engineering. A list of of my duties can be found on LinkedIn.


This Website

-August 2017-

Built using only HTML,CSS, and little Javascript. Deployed and hosted using Jekyll and Github Pages.

The purpose of this project was to enhance my digital footprint, have a place to showcase my work, and learn new skills by doing.


-November 2016-

Using my knowledge of basic data structures and python, I implemented a two-dimensional list to create, and display, a grid. Players would have input an X and Y coordinate to act as indices for the list. Doing so would place either an "X" or an "O" at that location.

3D Printed Prosthetic Hand-and-Forearm

-May 2016-

For my Senior Tech Prep project I built a prosthetic and combined it with a Myoware Muscle Sensor. The sensor interprets the electrical signals from muscles and produces a Simple Analog Signal. From theses Analog inputs, the Pulse Width Modulation pins on an Arduino simulate an analog output, controlling servos placed in the forearm.

The purpose of this project was to combat the expensive myoelectric prosthetics on the market and offer those in third world countries access to what may be considered a luxury.

EKG Patient Simulator

-March 2016-

An EKG tester that connects to an EKG monitor delivering the typical EKG signal. Using various electronic components and a breadboard, this project allows for a cheap alternative from the expensive Patient Simulators. This helps small hospitals in various developing countries. Schematic from Frank's Hospital Workshop. (12th Grade)


University of Connecticut

⚫ Bachelor of Science, May 2020

⚫ Major: Computer Science

⚫ Relevant Coursework: Intro to Computing for Engineers, Data Stuctures and Object-Oriented Design.

Saunders Trades and Technical High School

⚫ Advanced Regents Diploma, June 2016

⚫ Major: Electronic Computer Circuitry (E.C.C)

⚫ GPA: 3.7

⚫ Relevant Coursework: CCNA Routing and Switching, Cisco Network Academy IT Essentials Course, Digital Electronics, AC/DC Circuits, Digital Logic Design, Electronic and Computer Circuitry Drafting(CAD), Solid State Elictrical Theory

Want to reach me?

Shoot me an email at or click one of the following buttons.

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